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Susan Kane: Listen

The Tale of Missus

(Susan Kane)
Susan Kane


Single girl, wallet full

Married girl, got a plow to pull

When she was young, she had a dream

Now she bites her tongue, and is seldom seen

And she says:


I don’t wanna sleep, I don’t wanna die                                              

I just wanna travel through the pastures in the sky


The ties that bind, well they weigh you down

Rocks on your apron strings, feel like to drown

Doin’ hard time, in lullabyes

If thoughts were crimes, then they’d hang her high

So she thinks:


Now the milk of kindness is running sour

Paying for the blindness, of your girlish hours

You are the “former”, and you did it for love

So who the hell are you “mistress of?”

So she yells…..


Vocals and guitar:  Susan

Guitars and Dobro Billy Masters

Bass:  Eddie Denise

Fiddle and mandolin:  Marc Muller

Percussion:  Steve Haas