1. Ring the Bells
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For many long years the wells had run dry
Till the lightning come and tear up the sky
We watched the fireworks rip the heavens in two
Sing hallelujah, our trials are through

Ring the bells and beat the drum
Sing hallelujah, the ship has come
Throw off your shackles, your work is done
Ring the bells, the ship has come

Then the tracks were flooded, there was no way through
Bailing, swimming, pushing on through
And just before our arms gave out
Sing hallelujah, give a righteous shout
Standing and waiting for that golden barge
Despair and trouble they were looming large

And starving we cooked up a bitter root stew
The proud were humbled, what we did must do
We stand as equals, this ship welcomes all
Sing hallelujah, give a joyful call