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I married him on a cold winter’s day
bare branches waving in the wind
which sadly moaned as my wedding guests did pray
for our happy union to begin
I don’t put stock in omens symbols or the like
No guiding hand to rule the day
No way to see what ill fortune might strike
No way to hold your fate at bay

I never thought my marriage day I would rue
I took my vows in all good faith
But rue I did when l learned the secret he hid
My love did swift evaporate
Now I don’t think of myself as the weaker sex
No reason why I should defer
I don’t care what these small townspeople expect
And I refuse to call him sir

I keep a sharp eye out for the traveling men
The ones so far away from home
I make them happy then they go away again
Use them so kindly they don’t know
There was a time when I would be called wicked bold
Run me out of town for my sins
Leave me to chill on a winter’s day so cold
bare branches wavin’ in the wind