1. Dear Occupant
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Hello dear occupant, please open this
It’s like a message in a bottle, I hope you can’t resist
I used to live here in your house A long time ago
Now I’m a lot older I’m a right old scarecrow
There’s a lot that I remember
And probably more that I forget
I left it all such a long time It’s a dim silhouette

I had no brothers or sisters, I was a solitary child
Had lots of time on my hands
and no need for guile
My mom she never talked too much,
my dad he played cards
Or worked on his roses in
what’s now your backyard
I had the place to myself, upstairs and down
And in my own little kingdom,
I wore a rhinestone crown.

They say that memory’s a weak thing,
it just can’t hold up
Like a mirror that’s lost its silver,
it gets all fogged up
But some things are just as clear to me now
as they were way back then
Time’s not always a straight thing,
sometimes it twists and bends

But still I was happy there, I hope you are too
A reply’s not expected,
this note’s just passing through
Please don’t send me any pictures,
my mind’s eye will do
Don’t want to see any changes,
no modern day views
Though I’m a thousand miles away,
and someone you’ve never known,
They say that home is where the heart is,
my heart is in your home.