1. Cages
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Darva told her mama that she wants to be famous
She said hon’ how can I make you see
Just like a tricked up cover, Or a one night lover
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be
She said, Mom I got a black hole in my very heart
So dark and bloody and deep
Ain’t nothing special about me,
within or without me
Got no promise to myself I can keep

Well there’s no cage as strong as the one that you build with your very own hands
no light shines through these bars,
not sun moon or stars
it’s a cave, it’s a no mans land

She said I’ll walk the line just as long as I can,
make it up as I go along
Get my name up in lights, if just for one night
And no one can tell me I’m wrong
but what will you do when the smiles are all gone
and you see you’re just yesterday’s fool
sure hope that gate’s not too dusty, frozen or rusty
you can wear your regret like a jewel

Oh I’m the mistress of my manner,
Stroking concertina
Here in my tower cell
There’s an endless moat, no hero’s cheap lifeboat
Cracked up like a thin eggshell.