1. Nothing At All
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So the world it falls apart
The earth cracks open, battles start
And the breaking of your heart
Don’t mean nothing at all

Out on the highways
Bittersweet chokes the trees
Bending branches sideways
In malignant canopy

Hunching over your dashboard
Must have a devil on your tail
You go much faster than you can afford
Scrape your fenders on guardrails

But you’re just a lonely satellite
You get your orders from below
From the ground you seem a star so bright
And the truth they’ll never know

However far you travel
Nothing’s ever left behind
The stones are ground to gravel
The tape it ends and then rewinds

Now you’ve got the face that you deserve
As you gaze into your mirror
you say you had no choice of who you served
And your conscience can’t be clearer

But in the canyons cold winds blow
Heart of darkness, it’s singing low
And the aching in your soul
Don’t mean nothing at all
Unintended consequence
No one ever meant them harm
Now everybody builds a fence
Stockpiling food and arms

Now you know you’re such a hard case
You’ve given up on answered prayers
Everything is in its place now
In a world where nothing’s fair