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I am my father’s daughter, the apple of his eye
This apple broke free, fell so far from the tree
That they all lost track of me

Must be something in the water, gets an honest man to lie
He came from outlaw stock made his living with an old Hickok
No time for bosses or sweet talk

There’s one side to the story, when you always shoot to kill
Quicker than a snakebite, outtatown at first light
Breakfast was Fritos and a can of warm Sprite

“Too mean to die,” said the tattoo on his arm
He came from cheats and highwaymen
And cons and sharp snake oil salesmen
Switchback roads and switchblade knives
Running on fumes and never thinking twice

Was a small town that he died in, marked his grave with a highway bouquet
Finished up my grieving, left behind the thieving
Need something more to believe in

They say that the horizon’s just a few short miles away
Half a tank of gas, and an EZ pass
I’ll find that field of greener grass

“Too mean to die”

Vocals: Susan
Guitars: Susan and Billy Masters
Mandolin: Perry Paletta
Bass: Eddie Denise
Percussion: Shawn Pelton
Fiddle: Lisa Gutkin