1. Tenderhearted
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I’m so tenderhearted
To be tenderhearted seems like a curse
But I’d rather be tenderhearted
To be hard-hearted would be far worse

Oh those tenderhearted girls, they fall so far
With the first kiss they leap they don’t look
Unsuitable lovers, rounders and bounders,
False embraces for love mistook

The tenderhearts always take in the strays
The bird with the broken wing
The lonely the sad and the lost can depend
On the mercy the tenderhearts bring

It seems that the hard-hearted rule this world
It’s their stage, and their trophies they prize
But they’re cold blooded cynics, and they don’t care how they win it
And all the wonder slides by their closed eyes

The tenderhearts soften this hard and cruel world
The tenderhearts they work for peace
So count me among the tenderhearts
The ones who look out for the least