The wind shook the siding and it rattled your bones
Nor’easter is a brewing cooking up some hailstones
Go down in the basement till it all blows over
If you stay outside you’ll have to run for cover
Why do I gotta tell you what you already know?
You can’t buck the tide you got to go with the flow

Old grey Bernie’s standin’ there tapping his feet
Got his nose in the air sniffing out fresh meat
You know you don’t want to be served up for lunch or dinner
Sometimes the coward who runs turns out to be the winner
Or maybe I should I give you that old heave ho?
You can’t buck the tide you got to go with the flow.

Blondie saunters so cool down the avenue
Unaware of the flypaper stuck to her shoe
Then she stumbles in the path of some hunky Adonis
And busts off the heel of her new Manolo Blahniks
Oh well she didn’t really want to be the star of the show
You can’t buck the tide you got to go with the flow

Sometimes it’s better to grin and bear it
If the shoe fits why not wear it
After all, we we’re only human
So don’t worry like Alfred E. Neumann

There’s a fire burnin’ up that town in old Centralia
Burned down all the shade trees and blackened the azalea
But there’s still some folks a stayin’ in that smoking burg
They say we won’t be leaving till we got the urge
We can take the heat we’re gonna stay in this kitchen
We don’t care about how everybody’s bitchin’
We’re bucking the tide, we go against the flow