1. Lottery Ticket
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She’s a big old lady, smells of cabbage She’s a little arthritic, moving slow
She cleans houses, watches babies, hopin’ someday that she may be
Free of bitterness and feeling so low
She wields an iron, don’t know about irony She sings harmony in the gospel choir
It’s been a long life, a little short on the bootstraps.
Sure could use some to rise out of the mire.

She’s got five grown kids, they’re on their own now. Got it pretty hard too, so they say
One’s in the army, one’s in jail Two never call her without fail
Fifth’s got twins and one on the way
Now Jesus, he worked his miracles, and still they pinned him on a cross
No matter how sure you walk on that narrow path
it’s just so easy to get yourself lost

The devil’s in the details, or is it god they say
He helps those who help themselves
Along the golden way

She buys a lottery ticket same number each time it’s bound to hit soon why not for her?
She’d buy a color TV, a purple velvet settee
New carpet for every room
She’s trying so hard not to sink into despair
Cause that’s a sad and deadly sin
So when she buys that shiny bright ticket
Makes her happy, don’t even need to win