1. Meryem Ana
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Meryem Ana ©2009 Susan Kane BMI

On a bright fall day I made my way along
The rocky path up Nightingale Mountain
And in a cool grove of ancient olive trees
Stood an old stone house and a quiet flowing fountain
there were solemn pilgrims down upon their knees
laughing kids and nuns with rosaries

Meryem ana, Meryem ana, Meryem ana; hear their prayer

I shook the dust from my feet and stepped inside the rooms
Breathed in beeswax, incense, dusty carpets
The Ave Maria always makes me weep
Lit a candle for my dead and hurried through the exit
Then I came upon a wall of a thousand rags
white bouquets of fragile tissue flags

They flutter in the breezes, they get melted in the rain
The ink bleeds away, leaving ghostly faded stains
Washed away, washed away

Meryem ana, Meryem ana, Meryem ana, hear our prayer

And in my dreams I go to Mary’s House
And I write on a tissue what I wish for you
I wonder what do they know that I don’t know
Surely this thin veil of life is what is true?
where I will go when my life nears its close?
And will I ever find that pure white rose?

Meryem ana, Mereyem Ana, Merem Ana..hear my prayer