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Paulita’s Lament copyright Rich Deans

So where has my Billy gone? Poor Billy’s laid to rest
With a red, red rose upon his chest, my darling Billy boy

I am an old woman, my name is Paulita
Some call me señora, and some señorita,
For when I was young, I was bound to be wed
To a handsome young man they called Billy the Kid

My father said “’Lita, I will not allow it,
That boy he’s a bad one, there’s no doubt about it.”
But I was a young girl, and I would not hear
A word against my Billy dear


Billy was working for the rancher John Tunstall
Out in Lincoln County, herdin’ up cattle,
But the ranchers in Lincoln were killing each other
And they killed the man Billy loved like a brother

Billy swore vengeance for Mr. John Tunstall
He saddled his horse and he strapped on his pistols
By the time he returned there were seven men dead
And Billy the Kid had a price on his head


The sheriff caught Billy and they brought him for trial
The judge said, “Let’s hang him and just leave him awhile”
But Billy broke out the Lincoln town jail,
Leaving two deputies dead in his trail

He rode through the night to the house of my father
But the sheriff was waiting with a loaded revolver
When Billy walked into my room in the dark
The sheriff put a bullet in my Billy’s heart