1. Aquamarine MP3
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Aquamarine © Susan Kane 2008

Going up the Quickway in your dad’s old Newport
To the land of Goshen, to ride on a horse
Mixing up our metaphors, we’d conquer the world
You, a bright blond Viking, me, a timid girl.

We grew up, you went your way, and I went mine
You ended up along the Continental Divide
I was dressing for success, you took another road
So much to see, so much to do, so much you had to know.

Justice and truth
The sweetest dreams of youth
They are, they are, aquamarine.

Love called you to sail across a deep dark sea
Beside the dancing Northern lights you made a family
However rough the waters get, you won’t go down
you’re strong and sleek as Viking long boats,
sailing safe and sound

So many things just slip away
And the heavy things, they always
Fall to the bottom
They’re best forgotten

Sail the long boat [start harmony on ‘long’]
Sail the long boat [start harmony on ‘long’]
What you love will float [start harmony on ‘love’]
You are, you are, aquamarine.
Aquamarine, aquamarine.