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AROUND THE BEND © Susan Kane 2012 BMI

They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you
Like ignorance is some kind of virtue
Heaven help the soul of a sharp tongued woman
Those who speak the truth have a hard time coming
Walking the edge of the slippery slope
Change is hard don’t give up hope

You start at the beginning
And see it to the end
It’s right around the corner
It’s right around the bend

Forget about the jackpot and what you want to spend
Ashes ashes in the end
Ain’t no use to trouble or complain
Might as well smile in the pouring rain
The only way to come back is to go
Whether your wheel turns fast or slow


What’s it gonna take to get your backs up people?
When you gonna stop being so damn feeble
Never forget that people have the power
Short is the day and late is the hour
Who’s to say when the time is right?
Rosy fingered dawn takes back the night