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Take me down to the buffalo jump
Take me down to the buffalo jump
Past the willow and the water pump
Take me down to the buffalo jump

sometimes it seems like i can't get out of my own damn way
and how I came by these ragged hands and this gray hair I can’t say
this stuttering tongue and unsteady feet they belong to someone else
the rule of the bone has rubbed me raw and robbed me of myself


I like to take my knitting there; I sit right by the edge
There’s no one now to chase me over, I listen to my head
children’s stories, Yarn and thimbles, seeds and crochet hooks
a cup of coffee Threads and beads needles and reference books

Gravity calls me, to the earth
Singing my heart for all I’m worth
Flying downhill feels like a rebirth

I know how the story ends, it’s the same way every time
The ropy tails, head over hooves, the dusty buffalo fly
The first mile traveled is the longest the last was yesterday
And we will always be just things, things on the way
things on the way, things on the way